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Thrively Project Questionnaire

Good planning is the key to successful projects! The information you provide helps us understand your current situation and the scope of this project so we can deliver an accurate estimate. It's also a great tool for capturing your ideas and vision. Once we receive the completed form, we’ll be in touch to discuss the right solution for your business or organization. You can also print and fax the form to 866-890-5369 by downloading here:

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Business Overview


Website Design & Development Questions


Allow people to contact me via a form
Share a photo gallery
Post about news
Events or announcements
Have cool rotating images on my home page
Download PDFs and other types of documents
Allow people to search on my site
Post a calendar of events
Allow people to submit events for my calendar
Separate area of site where people need to log in
Post on a blog
Share a video gallery
Sell items online
Take online payments
Post online surveys
Feature current promotions or specials
Slick staff bios
Rotating testimonials
Slick Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Social media integration on my site Huh? (If these items scare you we can talk about them in English!)

Product search
Discount codes
E-gift certificates
Product zoom
Multiple product views
Featured product section
Related products
I'm not sure


You're Almost Done!

No sweat!
I'm familiar with some, but not all.
If only you could see the gray pallor of my skin through this form.
Excuse me – I am going to go be sick.

$5001 - $7500
$7501 - $10000
$10001 - $15000
$15001 - $20,000
Great design/functionality
Low cost
Quick turnaround