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Alison's Relocation's Inc.

Alison's Relocations approached us seeking a website with an refreshed design that would help them acquire more new clients, be easily managed in-house, optimize the sales process, and be scalable for future needs. The site is their primary online sales tool and must be a strong lead generator for the business. More specifically, the goals of the project: 

  1. Increase the number of qualified leads into the sales funnel
  2. Growth in corporate and national markets
  3. Gain operational efficiency
  4. Reflect the brand and the “offline” experience – high quality, professional, safe, reliable, approachable, comfortable (warm fuzzies), and friendly.  
  5. Provide convenience to customers – tracking goods, claims, quotes (cube sheet), online payments, etc.

The website functionality includes an online goods weight calculator tool, online quote form, Track Your Truck move status report, testimonials and links to top review sites and online payment form. Project outcomes include increased conversion rates (visits to leads); increased targeted website traffic (engagement metrics), reduction in non sales-related calls (I.e. for claims, tracking, questions, payments, etc) and continued favorable reviews (social review sites, etc).

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Key Project Elements: