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AOL Introduces Free Email to the Public

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Thursday, June 09, 2005

AOL announced yesterday that they are launching a new, public and free email service designed to compete with Yahoo Mail, MSN's Hotmail, and Google's Gmail.

The product is comparable to Google's Gmail account in size, offering 2 gigabytes of storage. As with all other free email clients, it also includes anti-virus and anti-spam software as well.

This is the second product AOL has launched that is free and open to everyone, not only their subscribers. The other product is its popular IM Chat service, AIM.

This marks yet another move by AOL to find new means of revenue as their subscriber-only model continues to suffer.

The verdict on the AOL email's potential impact on email marketers remains to be seen. Other free services, such as Google's Gmail, caused a stir since it loads emails with all graphics turned off by default. Stay tuned to see how AOL's product may influence your email practices.

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