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Apokrisis is Now Thrively Digital!

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Introducing Thrively Digital! Tah Dah!

Every business should self-evaluate and determine if their customer proposition, brand values and core mission are in line with public perception and outward presence of the company. Am I right?

Well, after 13 years, our partners did just that. And while our core services and mission were strong, we realized our business name and perceived brand promise were no longer in alignment. So after careful thought and invaluable assistance from our community, we are proud to announce we are changing our name to Thrively Digital.

Our new name and logo better reflect our services and the transformational business growth we strive to provide. They also embody unique benefits we offer as a boutique, digital-only marketing agency providing right-sized business solutions that empower clients to make strong business decisions.

And let’s be honest -- we know it was really difficult to pronounce Apokrisis! As partner Monica Whitt said so well at the onset of this endeavor, “How can we deliver on our promise of results, approachability and good communication when it’s so hard to say our name?”

The rebrand transcends a new logo and name. Extensive research with colleagues and clients honed our brand values and vocalized our approach to solving clients’ digital marketing challenges. And we plan to better “live” these at every level of our business:

  • Approachable
  • Proactive 
  •  Productive
  •  Respectful
  •  Communicative
  •  Professional
  •  Transparent
  •  Nimble
  •  Experts
  •  Knowledgeable

Why Thrively?

We sought a name that would embody client success. Extensive customer interviews and testing pointed to a simple yet key outcome we provide for our client base -- we help them thrive.

About the Logo

We are grateful that MadDog Graphx leveraged their talent to express our new Thrively Digital brand identity. They did a phenomenal job creating a visual expression of our values and purpose.

"Thrively came to us looking for a mark for their new name which would reflect the services they offer and enforce brand values. Thrively applies their core values of approachability, warmth and responsiveness in addition to the professionalism and tech-savvy required in the constantly evolving digital field. Their mission is to provide digital solutions that will grow their client’s results—and from that, the Thrively mark started to take shape.

The icon combines the ideas of growth and communication, while the wordmark supports approachability through the soft edges, spacing and lowercase letter forms of “thrively,” paired with with clean professionalism and data-driven results in “DIGITAL.” The icon was designed to be used in a variety of different spaces, including the square icon prevalent in social media and online presence." - Aurora Hablett, MadDog Graphx Art Director

About the Brand

We were very lucky to have Ruth Rosewarne Kimerer, a hugely valuable member of our team, in her RK Consulting persona assist us in bringing the Thrively brand to life. While many brand components had been floating out there for years in our communications, Ruth really drilled it down to a core essence and provided us with the tools to consistently live our brand moving forward. Her branding process is exceptional and we highly recommend it.

Finally, we hope you, a valued partner in our success, will interpret this rebrand as a strong statement of Thrively’s confidence in Alaska’s businesses and people. Regardless of the economic climate, we are here for the long haul and committed to helping you not just survive, but thrive.

Last but not least, we would be remiss if we send a huge shoutout to everyone who was involved in this project. Thank you! We are deeply indebted to you and appreciate all your time and feedback.

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