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Content-Centric SEO Strategy

Scott Thomas - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today, I would like to review our approach to SEO for our clients here at Apokrisis. 

What is a Content-Centric SEO Strategy?

Online Marketing: Content, SEO & Social Media

A content-centric SEO strategy involves making a business or organization's website the central core for inbound marketing and engaging with visitors. The website should be the primary location for creating new and engaging content through blogging, news pieces, articles, photos, videos, and so on. From this central core, the content can be shared via social media.

Invest in Your Brand: Don't Chase the Algorithms

Search engines are becoming very sophisticated and are rewarding websites that are working to build up their brand. Attempting to chase the latest tricks or means to game the system are not worth the risks and are counter-productive. As mentioned by Google reps in Congressional hearings, Google made 516 updates in 2010, and over 13,000 updates were tested. Given Google's constant testing and updating cycle, trying to chase the latest algorithmic change is fruitless and risky. A social media or link building scheme that a competitor is using may be working today, but it's likely that eventually, the effectiveness of such schemes will fail.

Share and Engage via Social Media, but your Website is the Foundation

We believe the foundation to you online success is building and owning your content. Engaging your fans, site visitors, and customers through social media is important, but don't expend all your time and energy where your content is not truly yours. Are you sending people to your website or blog or only referring to your presence on Facebook or another social media site? Engagement via social media can be extremely useful, but don't forget to encourage people to visit your website, and consider what you have to offer. Trying to use social media as an acquisition source of new customers is impractical for many small businesses. We encourage our clients to work on their foundation first - their website - and then as resources allow, engage with the social media channels that make sense for them.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Our experience with SEO and inbound marketing indicates that a long-term investment in developing your brand and quality content is the most sustainable approach. Plan for a five year return on you investment in your online marketing efforts; build your brand and don't be blinded by today's rankings or the latest get-to-the-top-quick schemes that may come along.

is the Search Marketing Manager at Apokrisis.

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