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Do You Have the Courage to Blog?

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There is so much buzz out there these days about blogging, I myself am starting to wonder if it is more hype than substance. The New York Times featured blogs recently, and Blogging was the cover story for a recent Business Week.

Though you may think that blogs today are the personal web pages of yesterday, filled with meaningless rants and the lionization of the mundane, consider reconsidering.

Thought the web became flooded with personal web pages, it also grew into the most measurable, effective, efficient new media of our generation. Can blogging do the same? I am not saying that for certain, but I also wouldn't write them off right away for three reasons:

  1. The blogosphere is a dynamic pool of opinionated, passionate writers that have developed an entirely new grassroots network of communication. Marketers are constantly seeking that holy grail of "word of mouth" for their business's products and services. Think -- is there an area of the blogosphere that can be passionate about your products and services? (Read: iPod) Can you be passionate?
  2. Blogging is becoming mainstream -- not in high quantity but in quality. There is now a blogger on the White House press corp. Bloggers are more and more participating in the wider conversations about national news and events, such as the prisoner abuse scandal.
  3. Blogging's unique medium allow you to be both personal and professional. What other means to communicate with a large audience as a marketer has quite this combination.

Blogging is not for every business, but it is worth every marketer's time to think on whether blogging could work for their overall strategy. And if it does, blog with courage: be personal, passionate and avoid sounding like body copy.

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