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Google Docs Lets You Make Your Own Forms

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Thursday, April 02, 2009

Building forms on a website is a pain. It is hard to automate. And Google Docs has just made it a lot easier.

This small, simple, but free tool can be a boon to anyone who has felt, "If I could just pull together a quick form, it would save me a lot of time." This includes very small businesses that don't want to get charged another hour by their web designer, bloggers, community groups, and more.

You can create your form with text, paragraph, multiple choice, checkbox fields and more. You can send it in an email or embed it in your website or blog. And you can tally the responses in a spreadsheet or via email.

As a quick example of how easy it is, check out this form I made and loaded on my website in approximately 5 minutes.

Have you had frustrating experiences with forms? Have you tried out Google forms? What are your thoughts? Please share!

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