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Holiday Sales Online Taking a Larger Piece of the Pie

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Friday, January 06, 2006

Wow. Amidst reports of tepid holiday sales in 2005, there seems to be one bright spot in retail - online shopping. According to a report from Goldman, Sachs & Co., Nielsen/NetRatings and Harris Interactive Inc., online holiday sales were up 30 percent over 2004.

This growth comes as reports describe the overall holiday season for retailers as "moderate" and "respectable." Online sales, on the other hand, have been described as "booming," "roaring," and "record."

Several statistics punctuate this. The GS, NN, HI report indicates that 27 percent of all holiday shopping occurred online, and astounding chunk of business in a channel that barely existed 10 years ago. enjoyed a record season, and at one point on December 12 they were enjoying 41 transactions a second.

If you are a retail business, take note. When 27 percent of shopping occurs online, that is a channel that needs the utmost attention. And this share will continue to grow.

Are you a retailer that had some success online this holiday season? Tell me about it!

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