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I am Addicted to Tags

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now, I am probably a little late to the game compared to other web industry early-adopters, but in case the rest of the world has not gotten into this, I have to extol the virtues of tagging, both as a user and a marketer. As social networking, blogging, and other participatory web environments continue to grow, tagging has evolved as an additional, convenient way to control and organize web content. What is tagging? Basically, tagging is a means to categorize content, whether it is a web page, a picture or a video, with categories that allow you to organize the collected content under that tag category at any time. Here are a couple of examples of cool tagging I have come across recently: 1. Photos - I started sharing my photos yesterday on Flickr, an online photo sharing site. As you upload the photos and supply descriptions, you are also asked to add tags. As you add more and more albums over time in your Flickr account, you can view photos across these albums that have the same tag. So if you have pics of your pet Fido in many different albums over a year, and you tagged all those photos with "fido," then you can view all photos you have of your best friend at any time by viewing that tag. 2. Online Bookmarking - I set up a account the other day, and I see where it is awesome. del/ is an online bookmark aggregator, and it is very handy to me, since I have over 1,000 sites in my browser bookmark - not very useful. allows you to tag your bookmarks by category, so it is easy to dynamically access websites by theme. Also, you can access your bookm arks from any computer. Cool. Why is tagging important? These are two relatively mundane examples as a user, but when you put on your marketing hat for a minute, it is useful to consider the impact of tagging on your online message. For example, as tagging continues to grow as a means to organize information online, how can you present content that is easy to tag? This may influence how you write your online content. You may want to offer suggestions to tag content. You may want to incorporate tagging into your website and web properties. And you may want to make it easy for people to tag using the multitude of services similar to Check on the top right of my blog or at the end pf this post -- feel free to bookmark this anywhere you please! Do you use tagging? As a user? As a marketer? Please share your thoughts on how tagging will influence how people interact with web content!

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