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Microsoft to revamp Its Marketing...Over Ten Years???

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Saturday, September 17, 2005

A lead marketing executive spoke with ClickZ's Pamela Parker about Microsoft's efforts to retool its marketing structure to be more in tune with the changing marketing landscape.

Microsoft has, as Pamela points out, in many ways been as much of a marketing company as it has been a technology company over the years. But trends like viral marketing successes like Mozilla's Firefox browser, which has cut into Internet Explorer share, and increased effectiveness of the Open Source movement have caused Microsoft to rethink their approach.

The one kicker, which is lost on me: ClickZ reports that Microsoft expects this change to take ten years to implement.

When reading the article, it is obvious that Microsoft is rethinking some very fundamental processes.  But the article also points out that many Microsoft competitors, including Google and Apple, shoot a little more from the hip and develop products from the perspective of their company vision as much as from understanding audience.

My question -- what can Microsoft possibly think about and implement over ten years in this marketplace that will still be completely relevant in ten years?

What percent of your marketing approach were you doing ten years ago? If I think back, it is a very low percentage.

What are your thoughts? What major changes in your marketing approach have you made in the past ten years? Let me know!

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