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Social Media Etiquette = Etiquette

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chris Brogan wrote an interesting blog post on social media etiquette, featuring ideas for best behavior on email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more.

He wrote as a "starting point," and many of the comments by readers were interesting as well. Some of my take-aways:

  1. Electronic communication allows for rapid dissemination of information, which can be great. But that doesn't mean all information should be distributed widely and quickly. Thinking about what makes sense to communicate electronically is the same as if we were going to say something in a large group of people, where we usually think hard before offering up a comment.
  2. Many people cited geting phone calls or IM or SMS messages asking someone if they got their email, which was generally considered rude. I agree. My other contribution to this thread are email responses that just say, "Thanks." Don't make people open another email - it is a waste of time! They know you are thankful.
  3. Things that are rude in the real world are rude online, too. It is amazing that many people forget that.
Have you had online communications that you thought were rude? On what media and in what way? Please share your experiences!

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