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"The difficult choice" - Is It A Choice?

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seth Godin discusses today the importance of luck in his post, "The Difficult Choice." But his choice seems to be a false one in some ways.

You can look at luck as an all or nothing proposition- that if you have luck you don't have to try and vice versa.

But I wonder if there is a more nuanced look -- what if you make your own luck? That is the subtle yet powerful combination of hard work and attitude that puts a person in a position to take advantage of opportunities that come their way. It may seem like luck, but in reality it is just, as Seth notes, putting yourself in a position to make a single into a double.

If you don't run hard, then you cannot do that. But, equally as important, if you don't believe strongly that you can do it, you will almost never make that single into a double.

How have you been lucky in business? In life? Do you believe in luck?

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