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The Influence of Internet Advertising

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, July 20, 2005

If you haven't seriously considered shifting some of your overall advertising budget to online media, some new statistics from DoubleClick may change your mind.

According to DoubleClick, for the three industry segments of travel, banking, and automotive, the individual online media of web ads, search engines, email, and websites all outrank offline sales tools such as salespeople, TV commercials, in-store promotions, and word-of-mouth. That means that each of those online media are ahead of all these other offline advertising options.

When Internet media is lumped together, it outranks these offline media in all categories.

Convinced yet? There are three good reasons you should consider increasing your online media budget:

  1. If you are very targeted, many online media is more affordable than offline media such as television.
  2. Online media is extremely trackable.
  3. The Internet is a conduit of traditional word-of-mouth, so your online activity can in many ways develop word-of-mouth buzz much more effectively than offline media.

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