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The Size of the Search Marketplace

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ComScore released August search volume numbers yesterday, and there were some winners and some losers, naturally.

U.S. online users conducted over 5 billion searches in August, up from 4.8 billion in July. Share of searches:

Google: 37.3%
Yahoo: 29.7%
MSN: 15.5%
AOL: 9.6%

MSN and Google gained about a percentage point of share of searches in August, while Yahoo and AOL languished.

How does your search volume on your website break out? Is it roughly similar to these shares? Or very different? Though either may be alright, most websites gain traffic from search engines at least in order of ranking: the most traffic from Google, followed by Yahoo or MSN, followed by Yahoo. If AOL is your number one search engine source, this is a dramatic departure from search share, and you may want to investigate.

These numbers are also interesting if you conduct a lot of pay-per-click advertising. Fortunately, the search market continues to grow, which means that the number of searches for our products and services on search engines should grow, increasing the ability to reach more people.

Are your search engine shares for your site similar to this? Different? Let me know!

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