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Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have a lot of travel clients, and some have been asking how they can engage their customers using Web 2.0 tools like social networks, rating systems, bookmark tools, tagging, etc.

A really interesting site that may do some of this is It is a site that allows you to build travel itineraries online. You can share or print the itinerary and access it anywhere online.

One of the cool things about it is that all you have to do is email your itineraries from airlines, hotels, care rental companies to the site and they load up in the system.

And a new feature they just released allows you to have a travel profile where people can view your itineraries, etc.

A couple of ways this can be useful to travel companies:
  1. It is a convenient tool for your customers if you allow your itineraries to be loaded.
  2. It is a nice place to promote to customers who are planning group travel; you get the credit of passing it on.

I am hoping that down the line that offers some sort of API where travel organizations can allow their customers access to itineraries right on their own site. This would allow for some grea Web 2.0 functionality, full crediit and branding right on site, and it would build usage significanlty. A win for everyone.

Check it out if you haven't. What do you think about this tool as a consumer? As a business  person? Do you see other applications out there? Comment here and let me know!

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