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Use of Mobile Devices While Traveling - Some Collected Tidbits

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Saturday, May 09, 2009

Thanks to Todd Lucier and his "Internet Marketing for Tourism" Blog for these:
  • 91% of Cell phone users keep their phones within arms reach 24/7 (Mary Meeker - Web2 Summit, November ‘08).
  • iPhone is already pushing over 50% of data on cell phone networks.
  • One benefits of being on the good side of the digital divide? Revenue doubles in communities with access to high speed Internet.
PhoCusWright always has some good info:
  • 67% of travelers and 77% of frequent business travelers with Web-enabled mobile devices have used the mobile Web to find local services and attractions. (Mobile: The Next Platform for Travel, April 2009)
  • Location-based services are also expanding in use and popularity, frequent business travelers expect to receive services such as mapping, navigation services and city guides upon arriving at a destination. (Mobile: The Next Platform for Travel, April 2009)
  • In the US, 30% of iPhone users say it replaces their laptop usage (PhoCusWright ITB Mobile Travel panel)
  • 69% of Americans using e-mail on their mobile phone use it daily

Some uses of mobile devices while traveling you may want to capitalize on:
  • Strong local search, Yelp, SugarSpoon and TripAdvisor listings - people can find you on an iPhone app-mapping function gives travelers walking, driving or bus directions built into the device.
  • Users taking a photo on their phone and immediately sending it to family & friends
  • Downloading apps that make their travel easier (See -, Google Maps, Yelp)
  • Downloadable audio quides to attractions - mobile-based walking tours
I will leave you with my own mobile travel story. A friend of mine and I heard about a great fish taco shack in Honolulu. But it was off the Waikiki strip. We found it on my Yelp app, then hit the "directions" button in the application. The iPhone jumped to the pre-loaded Google mapping function, which provided a) where we were currently located, and b) our walking path. We walked way off the strip and arrived, somewhere we never would have found had we been using a guidebook, in about 5 minutes.

The bottom line is that we never would have given that taco shop money if we had not had the mobile device. (PS - it was GREAT! South Shore Grill)

OK - I know this is a little scattered, but it is a capture place for some stats I have been seeing. What about you? Do you have a story of how using a mobile device while traveling enhanced your travel experiene? Let us know!

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