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Viral Marketing Info Overload

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Friday, August 08, 2008

I just attended a great Viral Marketing webinar by Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide that featured practical tips for developing a viral marketing program. My head might explode. I brainstormed so many good ideas while listening to her, and the strategies that she laid out were very practical and actionable.

A few great ideas that I took away from her presentation:
  1. Expect many of your viral marketing campaigns to fail. It takes a lot of work and some trial and error, but the knowledge you gain about your customers will be valuable no matter what.
  2. Responding to negative comments about your business or product online is one of the BEST opportunities out there to build brand trust and a positive reputation. A humble, proactive, constructive response send a huge signal that a. You are listening, and b. You take your customers seriously.
  3. Don't think about "social marketing" in social networks - think about "joining the social media conversation."
Any of you out there plotting how to engage your customers online? Do any of these comments resonate with your experiences? Share them here!

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