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What NBC Can Teach Us??

Kristen Fowler Lindsey - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There is a great piece right now on NPR's "Day to Day" by Andrew Wallenstein about how the Internet and digital television have brought us variety and control over how we watch the Olympics.

I personally for years have been irritated and disappointed by the patronizing spoon feeding of Olympic programming by NBC. If previously you were not into track & field, for example, you were out of luck.

This year, you can catch events prime time on NBC, all day long on NBC Universal, and on demand on the Internet. This allows you to feed your obsession with, for example, badminton mixed doubles.

As you think about how dramatic a difference there is between previous Olympic programming and this year's programming, it might be useful to think about your customers and their experience with your products or services. Are you providing them spoon fed content and experiences? Or are you also adapting to new opportunities for consumers and providing, as Andrew Wallenstein just cited, more of a "buffet style" where consumers have control of their options?

Wow - there is something to learn from an againg national television network.

Share your Olympic viewing experiences or changing consumer offerings!

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